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F1N indoor hand launched glider (HLG) was a new class on the IIFI 2009. Both javelin launch and discus launch are allowed, but catapult launch is not.

Follow this link to watch a video of an Indoor HLG (cat.2) flight.

Here is the winner for F1N at the IIF 2009, Jurgen Maassen (best flight 34 s). The model looks like the Indoor Low Ceiling Chuckglider (Jrgen Korsgaard, 1986, free plan), which he is building now for the IIFI 2014.


Here you can see a launch in Kent, USA:



F1N Rules


Definition: Model aircraft which is flown in an enclosed space and which is not provided with a propulsion device and in which lift is generated by aerodynamic forces acting on surfaces remaining fixed in flight.


Characteristics: Models with variable area (e.g. folding wings) are not permitted. The number of models eligible for entry by each competitor is three.

3.N.3. Number of Flights

The competitor shall be allowed 9 flights.

3.N.4. Definition of an Official Flight

a) The duration achieved on the first attempt unless this attempt is unsuccessful under the
definition of 3.6.5.
b) The duration achieved on the second attempt. If the second attempt is also unsuccessful
under the definition of 3.N.5., then a zero time is recorded for the flight.

3.N.5. Definition of an Unsuccessful Attempt

An attempt is classed as unsuccessful if the model aircraft is launched and at least one of the
following events occurs:

a) the model aircraft collides with a person or an object held by a person (the competitor
b) the model aircraft collides with another model in flight.

If this happens on the first attempt then the competitor is entitled to a second attempt.


A good start is the Indoor Low Ceiling Chuckglider by Jrgen Korsgaard, download the free plan.

Another good plan and very well documented is the SuperSweep article and plan by Ron Wittman.

Other plans and articles can be found at AMA glider. Some of the plans on this site are for catapult launched gliders, but these can easily be used as hand launched gliders.


F1N record Jan Massinkhal (ceiling less than 8 m)

34 sec
Record holder: Jurgen Maasen
Date of flight: 29/3/2009, IIFI

F1L World record Cat I hall (ceiling less than 8 m)

9.8 sec
Date of flight: 17/04/2004
Record holders: Timothy Michael HARTE (New Zealand), John HARTE (Builder)
Course/place: Twizel (New Zealand)


F1L World records Cat II, III, IV halls

Ceiling 8m - 15m: 1 min 0.4 sec
Date of flight: 28/10/2003
Record holders: Akihiro DANJO (Japan), Mitsuru ISHII
Course/place: Tokyo (Japan)

Ceiling 15m - 30m: 1 min 32.2 sec
Date of flight: 01/10/2009
Record holders: Mitsuru ISHII (Japan)
Course/place: Shiga (Japan)

Ceiling over 30m: 1 min 41.2 sec
Date of flight: 10/09/2008
Record holder: Mitsuru ISHII (Japan)
Course/place: Akita (Japan)


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