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No-Cal Profile Scale

1 Specification
(a) The model should be a recognisable model of a full sized aircraft, with a wingspan not exceeding 16 inches.
(b) Minimum airframe weight without rubber 6.0 g
(c) Balsa wood and jap-tissue shall be the main construction materials. The use of hi-tech materials such as boron, carbon fibre etc. is not permitted.
(d) The model must have control surface outlines, window outline and registration markings as per the modelled full sized aircraft.
(e) The model must have the full landing gear as per the full sized aircraft. No profile gear is allowed. Models of aircraft with retractable gear may be depicted with the gear retracted.
(f) No mechanical means of varying the propeller pitch or wing incidence are permitted.

2 Flights
The competitor shall be allowed 6 flights of which the two best flights will be taken for classification.

FAI F1D rules 3.4.4 Definition of an Official Flight to 3.4.11 Launching shall apply.


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