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Pylon Race = Team Race

The pylon race is also known as team race because each model is flown by a team of two persons. Four pylons are placed in a square to mark the circuit. You have to fly as many laps around these pylons as possible within 10 minutes. Because this is Free Flight this is not as easy as it sounds and the teams often have to retrieve their models from distant parts of the hall. Then the rubber motor has to be wound again before the next flight can start. This all results in a very lively event!

The race is flown in two rounds, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Emphasis is on having fun rather than to have a strict and formal race!


The models used for this should be rubber driven and more or less resemble a real plane. Eligible for this are scale models, Bostonians and similar models. Each team consists of two persons. If the plane flies between the pylons it is not counted as a lap.

Pictures of the pylonrace at the IIFI 2009

Three corners of the circuit, the plane near the ceiling is heading for the fourth pylon:

Winding between laps:


The winners of 2009, winding their dimescale Corben Super Ace:


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