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International Indoor Fly-In 2023


The 11th IIFI in 2023

Dear Flyers,

We would like to invite you for the International Indoor Fly-In! Already going for its eleventh edition. On the 3rd, 4th and 5th of November, Nijmegen will once again welcome indoor flyers from the international flying community! This year without any restrictions regarding Covid.

The preliminary schedule for the event:

Saturday 4 November 8.30-19.00
Sunday 5 November 8.30-18.00 

Please register via the following link:

Please stay safe and let’s hope we will have some flying fun in 2023.

Flying on Friday !

This year we added a few hours to the Friday. Last edition about 95% of all the flyers also came out to fly on Friday. So we will have another trimming session on Friday. The amount of hours is preliminary at the moment. Depending on the amount of flyers we can always add a few hours.

This day is separately organised from the weekend. In this way we hope you don’t feel forced to come a day earlier not to miss out on anything. There will be no static judging on this day only flying. We understand it can be a lot more expensive to come a day earlier.

Preliminary schedule for the Friday:

Friday 3 November 2023 15:00 – 20:00


Because it is a separate day and a few extra hours of rent we are asking for a small fee. The Friday will cost €20 no dinner included. If the numbers are low then either we need to add a bit to the fee for the hall or shorten the hours. Please let us know if you are planning to attend the Friday trimming sessions. In this way we have a small indication about who is coming and how many are coming.


In the documents you will find the Rulebook 2022. We did not change anything major so no models will become obsolete. Normally we follow the BMFA rules but for this year we decided to leave the rules as they are from previous editions. 

We changed a few things:
- Glider scale rules are added
- The maximum weight of the open scale classes has changed to 250 grams. With the wingload max we should have some interesting choices in the futures to build bigger.

 We are flying the following classes:


Pistachio JudgingF4D Open Scale, Rubber
F4E Open scale CO2
F4E Open Scale electric

F4F Peanut
Glider Scale


F1DF1D   (open duration)
F1M   (1.5 gram limited Pennyplane)
F1L   (EZB)
F1N   (Indoor Glider)
Sainte Formula (3.0 gram minimum weight)
Profile Scale (6.0 gram minimum weight)


Because the situation regarding Covid is really stable in the Netherlands the chance that we need to cancel due to covid is small. But we are not responsible for any loss of money due to a possible late cancellation. We will always follow the regulations and restrictions given by the Dutch government. However, the entry fee’s don’t have to be paid when we cancel the event. This also applies for the Friday fee and extra persons lunch/dinner fee.

If you have any questions please send me an email.

See you 3, 4 and 5 November in Nijmegen! 5th IIFI 2013

Kind regards,

Bernard Bruins

Roel Lucassen

Spirit of the IIFI

Wout Moerman
IIFI Webmaster

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Digital documents (pdf):
- Info bulletin 2023
- Invitation 2023
- Invitation friday 2023
- Rulebook 2022
Pistachio class scale model
last update: October 2023

10th IIFI 2023