Testimonials from Interscale 2010 participants

Hi Guys,

It was a great experience to be at Interscale. Congratulations to all the people of the organization. I will find time to build a model soon. Thank you all for the tips and information.


Manuel Garcia (Germany)


Hi all, I would like to thank you for the nice atmosphere Interscale. I was surprised a number of models and quality construction! Roel - perfect organization - very inspiring for our competition in Czech Repulic. Now, I make decisions as to build F4D, F4E, pistachio and peanut.

Have a nice day everyone,

Martin Huk (Czech Repulic)


Seing that it will take a long time until I write a proper message, here is a short one (well, almost short)...

First, congratulations are in order for all those who run the event in such a smooth manner. It might have been relaxed for us, but they certainly were under pressure...

And since Roel is the coordinator, he deserves his fair share... Very well done and hope you recover until 2012, so that you do it again...

Second, it was great to see so many familiar faces from previous events, but equally nice to meet new ones... Especially those known from SFA as names only, or as faces in pictures and videos from the net... Not enough time to talk to all for a long time, just enough time to admire their work and flights...

Also, it was nice to see new people, like Manuel (welcome to SFA !), who watched the whole two days with great interest. Most probably in the next one we will be having additional entries, from Germany, Spain and other countries as well... It is well worth the trip.

It was also a welcome change for me, to go to a contest with another greek... Up until then I was always alone. We did well and are already planing for the next one.

We certainly enjoyed the event, even though the first day was a very stressful one. With four models to trim, 3 new and 1 19 years old and never properly flown, it was quite a challenge. First day went by with no official flights, a lot of experimenting, some damage and lack of time to watch what the others were doing. After the necessary beers in the evening, we decided to change strategy, focus on one at a time, more systematically, regardless of what happens.

Second day went much better, we got 3 out of four flying, with a little more time we could improve our flights and make them even more enjoyable...And some less scary...

Lesson learned (yet again...) This kind of event requires going with trimmed models. Trimming in between of static judging and official flying is not a very good idea.

We were rewarded with some nice flights in the end, a 3rd place in CO2 electric and good placing for Sotiris' Tiger Moth and a general positive feeling for the event and the people we met.

2011 would have been too short, 2012 sound excellent, so we are already making plans.

Regards to all,

George Kandylakis (Greece)


May I add my congratulations to Roel and all the hardworking club members and families who made us feel so welcome during a superbly run event.

George: great to meet you, Sotiris and so many others for the first time.

Will you be coming to the UK nats next year? A personal plea: please keep the DH-9 F/F! An outstanding model amongst so many at Interscale.

All the best,

Graham Banham (UK)


Thank You very much once again, Roel - the "bar" (SM79 discuss ) is realy too high - but it is the bar of perfect organisation. We can not make somethink similar in Czech republic, but we can allways take in mind that nice atmosphere of Nijmegens competition.

Robert Pajas (Czech Repulic)


Hi Everyone,

Time for me to debrief the weekend too!

Roel, Wout, many thanks for running such a nice event. My thanks go to all the organization team of course. It was as smooth as always. I especially liked the flexible time schedules, always allowing a little more time than expected. That helped in more than one occasion.

As a Frenchman, the food side of things was greatly appreciated!

Such well run contests as IIFI and this Interscale make me feeling like building new planes...

George K, excellent pictures and videos indeed. Your DH-9 is definitely my favorite model of the contest. 

As for my own photos, they should go to Benjamin's website soon enough.

Andre Petit (France)


Just came home, tired but happy!

We'll have the time to make a few comments about the event...

Roel, thank you and your team for the excellent organisation.

Sotiris Themelidis (Greece)


Just back from Interscale and we had a brilliant weekend!! I,ll post more later, after unpacking and having a rest. Many thanks to everyone involved.

Tim Horne (UK)


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